2016 National Grooming Conference Cancelled »

2016 National Grooming Conference Cancelled

Due to complications in attaining three key nordic industry grooming partners we have been forced to cancel the 2016 Nordic Grooming Conference scheduled for April 4-6, 2016.

Sovereign Lake Nordic Club must ensure that participants who would be travelling from across Canada and in some cases the US would be provided the best opportunity to test the latest nordic grooming equipment available in the industry today. We feel that without these partners present there would not be sufficient value for visiting participants, particularly relating to snowcat grooming.

We will continue to plan and work with major industry partners to provide this event in the near future. Our industry is long overdue to hold one of these expos. There is tremendous need and value in bringing together top grooming professionals from across North America to discuss the future of grooming and new trends in the industry.

Refund cheques will be issued promptly to participants who have already registered for the event and will be mailed to the provided addresses.

Should anyone have any questions regarding the cancellation of the event or the issuing of refunds please contact me directly.