2017 BC Wildfires: Damage to Cross Country Ski Facilities »

2017 BC Wildfires: Damage to Cross Country Ski Facilities

CCBC has received a number of enquires about fire damage to ski trails this past summer.  Fortunately we have only had reports of one trail system being impacted, the Bull Mountain Cross Country Ski Trails in Williams Lake (Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club).

The trails close in to the parking lot and warming hut/stadium were not impacted at all by the fires, only the trails higher up on the mountain and further out were affected.  The fires damaged approximately 20% of the trail network system.

Rehab work on the fireguards intersecting/running along the trails needs to be done in order to properly groom and use the upper trails.  Also danger tree assessing/falling needs to be done where the fire burnt adjacent to some of the trails.  If this work cannot be completed this fall before the season changes to winter, the club may close the furthest trail until proper fire timber salvage and trail rehab can take place next summer.   

Link:  https://www.wltribune.com/sports/hard-work-ahead-for-bull-mountain-ski-area/