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The Club That Could.....Hickory Wing Ski Club

In the 1950's a number of factors combined to launch the cross country ski community in Prince George on a developmental path that would result in one of Canada's most remarkable ski stories.

The establishment of the Hickory Wing Ski Club in 1958, and the development of a cross country ski trail system at Tabor Mountain in 1960 combined with entrepreneurial leadership to introduce a period of initiative and development that would see Prince George become a centre of cross country ski activity in North America, and lead to events that would change cross country skiing in Canada forever.

This article is from Ski Cross Country 2000-01, a publication of Cross Country BC. To view the full article click on The Club That Could
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THE EARLY mining booms of British Columbia are surrounded by a colorful romantic glamour of which stalwart pioneers give graphic accounts, if they are in the right mood and you refer to some little incident that happened in days gone by when men were men with hobnail boots and sinews of steel. On a beautiful winter day back in 1913 we ran across the king of them all, Olav Gjeldnes; he was a grand old man whom you could not help taking a real liking to and admire. He had come all the way from Rossland, that picturesque mountain top mining town, to take in the thrills of a Revelstoke ski meet. He was sorry that the sport of the modern Vikings had faded away in his home town where it once was the centre of attraction at the historically famous old Rossland Winter Carnivals.

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