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Call for Nominations – Cross Country BC Board of Directors

Please accept this as an official Call for Nominations for  qualified persons to sit as Directors on Cross Country BC’s (CCBC) Board Directors.  Nominations for CCBC’s Board of Directors are for two-year terms commencing May 13, 2017. As per CCBC’s Bylaws the Nominations Committee is responsible for implementing the selection process for Nominees to the Board while seeking candidates that will ensure the CCBC Board and will include the following competencies:

  1. They will endeavor to ensure that the following competencies are represented among nominees and existing board members:
    • Sport expertise;
    • Financial/accounting expertise;
    • Legal expertise;
    • Fundraising expertise;
    • Strategic planning expertise; and
    • Business leadership/management expertise.
  2. They will endeavor to ensure that there is a minimum of two male and two female representatives on the Board at all times.
  3. They will endeavor to ensure a regional balance in the composition of the Board by recruiting candidates from different regions of the province.
  4. They will communicate directly with each candidate to discuss the roles, responsibilities and expectations of a Director.

Submission of Nominees should be include candidate name and contact information including phone, email and address and can be emailed or mailed to the following address:

CCBC Nominations Committee
1540 24th Street
West Vancouver, BC
V7V 4S3

As per CCBC’s Bylaws, the deadline for submission is April 13th 2017; thirty (30) days prior to the CCBC’s May 13, 2017 Annual General Meeting .


Cross Country British Columbia Nominating Committee (Reid Carter, Jim Burbee and Jeff Sim)