Club Coach Professional Development opportunity during 2016 Ski Tour Canada »

Club Coach Professional Development opportunity during 2016 Ski Tour Canada


CCC is happy to announce that we will take advantage of the unique opportunity that the 2016 Ski Tour Canada represents to offer club coaches from leading racing programs in the country the chance to learn more about all that is involved with World Cup racing.

The learning experience will consist in either shadowing the National Group team leader (Lisa Patterson) throughout a race day (possibly starting with attending the Team Captains’ Meeting the night before) or be guided throughout the day by one of CCC’s HP development staff or a combination of the two.

This initiative will be considered as a NCCP Professional Development activity and will earn coaches 3 PD points towards their maintenance of certification.

Races to be used for this initiative: 

March 1st 2016: Gatineau, free sprint
March 2nd 2016: Montreal, classic mass start
March 4th 2016: Quebec City, free sprint
March 5th 2016: Quebec city, free pursuit
March 11th 2016: Canmore, free individual distance
March 12th 2016: Canmore, classic pursuit

Learning objectives:

1-      Go over the coaches’ own learning objectives for the race that day and advise on how those objectives can be met;
2-      Attend the TCM or review of outcome of TCM;
3-      Go over all aspects of the morning of the race day: ski prep, bib distribution, ski testing with athletes, set up for race support, typical routine, etc;
4-      Watch the race from different viewpoints;
5-      After the race, go over what typically happens for the NST coaches, wax techs and athletes, on completion of the race;
6-      Review NST coaches’ roles during the event?  Wax techs roles?
7-      Go over technique observations (possibly video);
8-      Discuss and interpret our results vs the rest of the competitors. Identify strengths and areas of weaknesses our athletes may have exposed and the implications it may have on club programs;
9-      Discuss coaches’ remaining observations throughout the day and answer remaining questions.
10-  If some learning objectives were not met, provide guidance as to what coaches can do to meet those.

Eligibility and group size:

To be eligible for this professional development opportunity, coaches must have at least a NCCP “trained” status for the Comp-Intro advanced (T2T) context.

Coaches can only benefit from this opportunity for one of the race days offered.

For each race day, the coach group size will be capped at 8.


All personal travelling plans and expenses are the responsibility of the coaches but there will not be a fee for taking part in this initiative.

After being notified of their selection, coaches will be contacted again at least 2 days before the event to confirm the meeting place with the other coaches and the guide and to go over any remaining questions about logistics.

Registration process: deadline Friday February 19th 2016 

Please forward an e-mail to Cathy Harris ( by Friday February 19th 2016 indicating the following:

1-    Name
2-    Club and stage of development that you are primarily coaching this year
3-    NCCP #
4-    Race day you want to attend: #1 choice, #2 choice