Emily Weekes Cracks Top-Five at IPC World Cup Cross-Country Ski Sprint Race »

VUOKATTI, Fin.—Emily Weekes  (Telemark Nordic Society, Kelowna) put together her second straight top-five finish at the IPC World Cup finals in Vuokatti, Finland – this time in the cross country skiing sprint race.

Weekes, who was fourth yesterday in the biathlon distance race, qualified for the classic-skiing sprint finals to lead the Canadian charge on Thursday. The 24 year old rookie proved she can regularly contend in all race categories and distances where she is contending with many of the top names in the sport.

“Emily led the way for us again today, and showing steady development,” said Robin McKeever, head coach, Canadian Para-Nordic Ski Team. “The classic sprint is a bit of a tough test for Emily, but she faired well today and skied strong.”

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