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The CCI-L2T program develops skills and provides tools that a coach can use to (1) create a fun, team oriented environment that will motivate children to achieve their personal goals in sport and develop a lifelong interest in the fitness and health benefits of cross country skiing, and (2) deliver a well-rounded sport program with an emphasis on skill development to children nine to 12 years of age (the Learning to Train (L2T) stage of athlete development).

All coaches attending the 2018 BC Winter Games in Kamloops will be required to have NCCP CCI - L2T certification (see below).

CCI-L2T (Dryland) Workshops (18 hrs): This is the first half of the CCI-L2T program and the third step in the NCCP progression. Coaches are taught about developmental age, physical literacy, team building, athletic components (aerobic fitness, speed, etc.), nutrition, how to design their own sport program, adventure-based activities (year-round), roller-skiing and planning a practice. Successful completion of the NCCP Community Coach Workshop is a prerequisite.

Payment: The workshop fee for CCC/CCBC members is $100.00

Course locations: 
Sept 23-25    Nelson                  Special fee - $35.00
Oct 14-16     Prince George
Oct 14-16     North Vancouver            
Oct 14-16     Smithers        
Oct 28-30     Courtenay 
Nov 4-6        Kelowna     

Sign up: Contact Nancy Beaumont at 250.545.9600 or programs@crosscountrybc.ca  


All coaches attending the 2018 BC Winter Games in Kamloops will be required to have NCCP CCI - L2T certification.  As in previous years two coaches will represent each of the eight zones - one coach must be male and one female.

Community Coaches wishing to become CCI – L2T certified can find step by step instructions by following this link:http://www.cccski.com/Programs/Coaching-Development/National-Coaching-Certification-Program/Competition-Introduction.aspx . See flowchart - http://www.cccski.com/getmedia/c5961593-2944-489a-9bfc-51240dcdabb4/L2T-flowchart.pdf.aspx. Watch for updates to the schedule at: http://crosscountrybc.ca/coach-workshop-schedule 

To arrange for a workshop in your community or to register in a workshop contact Nancy Beaumont at 250.545.9600 orprograms@crosscountrybc.ca  

Note that the BC Games Society will ask sports to identify the coaches that will be attending no later than September, 2017 - only 12 months from now.