Introducing NEW, FREE, CCC Coaching Licence for all Coaches »

Introducing NEW, FREE, CCC Coaching Licence for all Coaches

Starting July 1st 2017, only coaches with a valid CCC Coaching Licence will have CCC liability insurance coverage while performing in a coaching role with a CCBC member club.

Purpose of the CCC Coaching Licence:

Coaches are at the core of our athlete development system as they have the most influence and responsibilities in developing athletes. As such it is critical for CCC and divisions to have complete, standardized and reliable data in regards to who is an active coach, how many there are and what their NCCP training status is. The membership databases currently used by clubs and divisions across the country do not allow the gathering of this information in a standardized manner for all the cross country ski coaches in Canada.


  • CCC liability insurance coverage for coaches, as long as other Minimum Mandatory Coaching Qualification requirements are met;
  • CCC licenced coaches will receive a 10% discount for all time on the CCC E-Store!;
  • The licence allows CCC and divisions to assess trends in regards to coach retention, coach development and coach/athlete ratios, leading to more efficient and targeted coach and athlete development plans, policies and initiatives;
  • The licence allows for the occasional communication from CCC on pertinent coaching information such as newly developed coaching resources and other support available;
  • The licence awards coaching points towards CCC’s Club Podium ranking (the new national racing club ranking and awards program which will be launched shortly);
  • Licence statistics can be used for other club awards reflecting coaching development.

Who is the Licence for?  

All active coaches who are coaching with a CCBC member club. 

An “active” coach is anyone who is given a regular coaching role with a specific participants’ group within a club program during a given year.  This would include Ski S’Kool, Bunnyrabbit, Jackrabbit, Track Attack, Racing Teams, Masters and similar programs.

A “regular coaching role” is as defined by the club before the program starts. The licencing requirement would therefore apply to all head coaches, all “main” coaches and all regular assistant coaches. It does not apply to substitute coaches or chaperones as long as they work under the supervision of a qualified coach.


  • Personal information will be kept private and will only be used for risk management, planning and communication purposes between CCC and the coach’s division and club.
  • The licence must be renewed on a yearly basis, starting July 1st of each year, in order for CCC liability insurance coverage to be in effect.
  • Coaches are welcome to sign up now and earn ‘Club Podium’ points for their club, but they will need to sign up again after July 1st 2017, before they coach anyone, in order to have any of the benefits of the licence, including liability insurance coverage.  If a coach is coaching athletes over the summer, they must register by July 1st.  If they are not coaching until later in the season, they can register at that time. 
  • All clubs will need to ensure that all newly-trained coaches for the 2017/2018 season are registered (have signed up for a licence) prior to working with Skill Development Programs.
  • Questions regarding this new requirement???  Contact Nancy Beaumont at 250-545-9600 or  .

Registration via ZONE4

Please sign up on the Zone4 website:  Or search for "CCC Coaching Licence" on ZONE4 homepage.