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Ski S'Kool Program

Ski S'Kool Programs are a great way to introduce cross-country skiing to children in elementary schools. The main objectives of this program are:

  • To introduce large numbers of children to cross-country skiing.
  • To recruit young children to Jackrabbit, Track Attack and other club delivered junior development programs.
  • To link elementary school cross country ski programs with community CCBC club programs.
  • To encourage elementary schools to include cross country skiing as part of their curriculum.

Cross Country BC's Ski S'Kool Program is defined as:

  • A 'learn to ski' program for elementary school age children (grades 1 to 7).
  • Managed by a CCBC club and delivered by "club" coaches.
  • Held at the club facility or at a commercial (or other) facility used by the club to deliver it's other programs.
  • A minimum of two sessions per school per season.

Following are some examples of successful programs in BC.

Reversing  a Trend
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The Snowflakes Aligned in a Pefect Storm
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What Makes The North Okanagan Program so Successful?
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Nickel Plate Cross Country Ski Club School Ski Program
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Telemark Program for Schools
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In addition here are some examples of successful programs in other regions of the country.

Iqaluit Ski Project 2005-2006
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Students Take to the Trails in Pursuit of the Joy of Skiing
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Cross Country Yukon School Challenge 2004
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