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Racing Rocks!

Since the introduction of skating, higher technology equipment and new race formats such as sprinting, pursuits and mass starts, cross country skiing has picked up speed and grown in excitement. In 2017/18 Cross Country BC will offer three special programs to introduce elementary school-age kids to the fun and satisfaction of competitive skiing.


A Ski Tournament is a day of special activities which includes a Terrain Park Relay, a Mad Dash (an individual sprint race - the event in which Chandra Crawford won her 2006 Olympic gold medal!, and a variety of games.  The objective of the event is to encourage participation, teamwork and good technique.  For more information click on Ski Tournaments visit:


A team sprint is a two-person sprint relay. The first skiers on each team start together and race the sprint course, then hand off to their team-mates, who also ski the course.  The second skiers then hand-off to the first skiers who ski the course again, and so on.  This is the event in which Devon Kershaw and Alex Harvey won gold at the 2011 World Championships. For more information click on:


This is an Xtreme X-Country event designed to enable skiers to apply their cross-country skills to challenging terrain in an environment of adventure and intra-group competition.  For more information click on:

The three above programs are coordinated with the Track Attack Program.  The successful completion of any one of these events earns a skier one of a possible 15 Track Attack "targets". Completion of all three earns the skier three targets. 

TO APPLY:  To apply for a Racing Rocks! Event, please complete the Racing Rocks! Application Form (Found Here) and return it to

 CCBC clubs hosted Racing Rocks! events during the 2015-16 ski season. 1406 children participated.